Who Are We

Meet the Team

“Big Bad” Ben Way

This man will climb through your tournament window and make friends with any TO around, he also likes to float in the middle of the pack and jump ship to the next best meta pick. Somehow, through Dale’s wisdom this Pom has become “Aussie Ben”. One day, we will host a Ben-off and all the Bens in the circuit will have to fight for the right to the name, but for the moment you can call this lovely gentleman whenever you’re feeling a little lonely 😉 and by that I mean discuss lists and get the inside goss.

Most frequently heard saying: “This table was just so bare” and “I can’t fit all these dice in my tiny Carny hands”.

Dale “Archon” Sumner

Dale Sumner or Archon Sumner if you’re his post man, is a man who’s all about the terrain. This bloke played only two events all last ITC season because he was too busy TO’ing or with his craft glue sticking walls together. If he rocks up to a table with only two beers, put him on a clock because he’ll spend thirty minutes of the game at the bar chatting up the nearest TO. Long time filthy Drukhari player and yes he does run THICC CITY. We never saw him paint a model till the day before uprising where he painted 75 wracks.

Most frequently heard saying: “Oi Forrest you want another beer?” and “I can’t drink this its not a $50 craft beer”.

Pete “The Pigeon” Zessin

Named after the illustrious stats man from the US. This Pete really lets the name down. He plays Orks to a pretty average level but won’t let go of that one Iron man event he won when Chris “The Terminator” Wright dropped half way through. His sisters play makes the 8th edition book look balanced and he supposedly plays Eldar as well but only when they are good. Stupid WAAC players. He is infamous for calling out big named players and then never even getting beaten by them because he gets knocked out before round 3.

Most Frequently heard saying: “Who even are the Queenslanders” and “Nah Liam Hackett has a shit list because its not speed mobs”.

Pommy Ben

The oldest and wisest member of the Down Under 40k team. Like a thin Brad Chester, but with way less Warhammer ability and way less tournament wins (Zero). Pommy Ben has an unhealthy fixation with chaos factions and plays chaos knights, Thousand Sons and Death Guard. Best known for being a wine snob, procrastinating about starting a Harlequins army (3 years and counting) and being salty about GW’s disgraceful treatment of chaos factions. Knows which end of a paint brush is which.

Most frequently heard saying: “Yeah, Chaos don’t get that” and “That Druzhar/Ragnar guy is a jerk!”.

Sam Lemin

Sam Lemin is an avid 40k player who is a fan of all things Evil and against the emperor. From Canberra, Sam has been involved with the hobby off and on for a number of years but started actively playing tournaments and competitive 40k during 2019 and hasn’t looked back! Sam was part of a podcast/ interview show with Ben Way called 40k Frontiers where they talked to and highlighted guests, events, and regions of the world that were otherwise not covered or talked about.

Sam joins the Down Under 40k Content Creation team to produce “Wide World of 40k”, a show where Sam interviews guests and personnel from around the globe but focusing on the pacific region to discuss events, people, and topics related to the hobby and game we all love.

Alex “The Greek” Englezos

Alex “The Greek” Englezos is a 40k Anti-meta chaser running everything from 12 speeder Salamanders lists to all melee Admech this man is unstoppable. Not only does he run weird lists but is a massive up and comer in the 40k world he’s on Team NSW, Team Australia 2023, and is the newest Art of War coach.

Alex joins the Down Under 40k Content Creation team to produce “Circuit Meta Watch”, a show where Alex and his co-host Michael focus on analysis and indepth discussion of the Warhammer 40k meta in NSW and Australia wise.

Michael “Hungry” Rutkai

To be filled out.

Mitchell “Cattman” Catt

Cattman is trooper in the background editing and producing all of our podcasts and is our camera man for big events.

He is also the most experienced ‘Dale-wrangler’ on the team able to keep dale away from the strong stuff enough that he makes it the the award presentation at the end of an event.