DU40k Circuit

How the circuit works

The circuit is a collaborative effort between the best stores and event organisers in the
state. We at Down Under 40k have a lot of events we run, but we also have a great bunch of
affiliates running tournaments as well, worth checking out who and where they are on our
affiliates page.

As a player, to be on the circuit all you have to is just play an event at a Down Under 40k
event, or at one of our affiliates! Only players who reside in NSW are eligible for prize
support. Your points get sent to our leaderboard the same time the ITC points
get sent to FLG. Please note: We do not have any control over the points given out for
events as they are the same scores pulled from the ITC (flg algorithm) and put in our very
own leaderboard, nor do we have control over multiple ITC accounts. The normal channels
must be used to address this.

At the end of the season, which usually coincides with the turn of the year, there is prize
support for:
1st in circuit
2nd in circuit
3rd in circuit
Player’s Player (counting votes from only DU40k’s operated events)
Best in Imperium
Best in Xenos
Best in Chaos
Some random prizes celebrating the field, not just the top!
Please note, to be eligible in competing for 1 st -3 rd you must have a total of 7 scores and for
any of the “Best-in’s” a minimum of 5 scores with the same superfaction to be eligible for
those prizes.