The lads at DownUnder40k pride themselves on our attention to detail to the hobby and
gaming immersion at our events.

We have a vast collection of painted terrain which we combine with our neoprene 60×44 fat
mats to give that baller feel, whilst keeping our layouts and terrain formats super
competitive and balanced.

Below are a couple of examples with some of our stuff from 2021, we have more exciting
pieces and mat designs coming in 2022!

Player Placed Terrain Pack

Each table will have:

A minimum of 3 Obscuring Ruins, per player (each side)

A mix of forests, area terrain, crates, ruined walls and pipes etc – will be divided equally between players.

1. The Defender chooses their table side and players separate the terrain evenly. Note, this is a deviation from the normal order of operations. Starting with the Defender, players alternate placing one piece of terrain from their half of the terrain in their table half until all terrain has been placed.

2. All the terrain pieces must be placed.

3. For the purposes of placing your terrain, you will split the board in 2 equal halves determined by which side the battlefield edges are. All of your allocated terrain pieces must be placed within your half of the board. 

4. Obscuring ruins and crate formations must be placed no closer than 6” from other obscuring ruins,  2” from any other terrain feature or 4” from the battlefield edge.

5. All terrain which is NOT  obscuring terrain and crate formations can be placed 2” from other terrain with the same classification and 2” from the table edge.

6. Crates must be placed in one of the 3 formations shown in the pictures below.

Note: The intention of Player Placed Terrain is to allow both players access to quality varied terrain and so that you don’t lose your game because of the terrain layout, Player Placed Terrain is not meant to block your opponent from crossing to your side of the board. If your opponent is attempting to box you out of an area call a TO over and we will adjust so that all models have an opportunity to access most of the board. In this regard where the TO adjusts terrain is final. 

Note: In the instance one or more players has a model that has a footprint more than 6” in diameter in their narrowest measurement such as a Brass Scorpion, adjust terrain as needed to allow them to be able to traverse the board. When placing terrain, if it is found a model cannot fit through a 4 inch gap, AND it cannot legally move up and over the terrain using it’s full movement, then move the terrain the minimum distance necessary to allow the model to fit through. Note: Full movement, means a model’s furthest movement tier without advancing. Call a judge for assistance during this process.